2018 AMTE-TX Sessions at CAMT

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AMTE-TX Business Meeting 

Tuesday, July 17th, 2:30-3:30 pm, 371C


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AMTE-TX sessions for 2018 CAMT

Presenters: Colleen Eddy and Sarah Pratt
Affiliation: University of North Texas
Title: High Quality Mathematics Teacher Professional Development
Monday, July 16 10:00 -11:00

Abstract: NCTM (2014) calls for mathematics teachers to ensure success for all students. As facilitators of mathematics professional development, we are challenged with supporting teachers to making the transition toward enacting the guiding principles and practices. This session discusses components and research to determine how high quality MPD meets the needs of mathematics teachers as well as impact student achievement.
Presenters: Debra L. Plowman and John Lamb
Affiliation: The University of Texas Austin and The University of Texas-Tyler
Title: Linking Research to Practice: Proportional Reasoning and Embedded Professional Development
Tuesday, July 17 4:00-5:00

Abstract: Proportional Reasoning provides foundational knowledge for algebra and geometry. Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) research demonstrates that teachers’ knowledge of problem structures and problem-solving strategies is key to effective mathematics instruction. Situated within CGI, we share how this research informed
our work with middle school teachers, and its impact on teachers’ instructional practice and content knowledge.


Presenters: Rebecca Dibbs and Brittany Hott
Affiliation: Texas A&M Commerce
Title: Combine the like terms: A synthesis of evidence-based algebra I strategies
Tuesday, July 17 4:00-5:00

Abstract: Access to and successful completion of Algebra I by 8th grade is essential for students who are collegebound, particularly for students in underrepresented groups or who have diverse learning needs. This session will discuss the results of a 46 year qualitative synthesis on Algebra I strategies, and provide suggestions for classroom
practice and directions for future research in mathematics and special education.


Presenters: Rebecca Dibbs and Brittany Hott
Affiliation: Texas A&M Commerce
Title: Rural educators’ knowledge and perceptions of evidence-based algebra interventions
Wednesday, July 18 1:00-2:00

Abstract: Although high quality professional development is needed to help in-service teachers stay current in the field, rural teachers are less likely to receive subject-specific professional development. As a result, teachers in rural areas have increasingly turned to the internet as a source of teaching resources. This session will discuss the results of a survey study about rural teachers’ awareness and perceptions of evidence-based online resources.